Server, CAFÉ SABOR , Garden City, UT

  • Employer: Café Sabor
  • Wage / Hour: $15
  • Positions available: 3

Duties : Server ($2.13/hr+tips)


Hours: Average 32-40 hours per week, overtime might be available, not guaranteed.
Pay is every two weeks;
Attention: First paycheck – it may take up to 3 weeks depending on the time of arrival
Average 40 hours per week you can get overtime hours
Community: At home on the shores of Bear Lake State Park. Garden City’s location at the end of the Logan Canyon Scenic Byway and on the shores of Bear Lake State Park makes it one of Northern Utah’s best gateway towns.
Weather: Summer – Warm days and cool nights – Pack your bags !

Employment Conditions: Must speak excellent English, be good, Presentable Looking, Good Communication Skills & Punctuality is Highly Required. Friendly personality, Hard working ability.
Dress code: Café Sabor T-shirt, black pants/shorts, and black shoes

Estimated Start Date & End Dates of Employment 2023

05/15/2023 – 06/30
09/20/2023 – 10/01

Employer – CAFÉ SABOR
Company and Location:
Employers needs: Gender: male   / Country: Any

Housing and Transportation:
Housing in an apartment: On site Housing. 1 Room housing with 1 bathrooms and 4 tenants per room.
Housing costs :
Cost/week: Free
Deposit: $200

Arrival procedures: Students must arrive to Salt Lake City Airport. The employer w ill pick up participant next to baggage claim. To ensure the ride is made available the participant must provide flight information at least ten days before arrival.
Area information: https:/ /




Cluj Napoca Strada Victor Babes, nr. 37
Bucuresti Academiei 7, Sector 1
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