Activities Coordinator , Westgate Smoky Mountain Resort, Gatlinburg, Tennessee

  • Employer: Westgate Smoky Mountain Resort
  • Wage / Hour: $15
  • Positions available: 2

Duties : Activities Coordinator ($15 per hour )


Hours: 32 per week
Overtime: Might be available, not guaranteed.
Frequency of pay:
Pay is every to weeks
First paycheck – it may take up to 3 weeks depending on the time of arrival
Work schedule: Rotating—must be available to work late, during weekend and holidays
Estimated Start Date & End Dates of Employment:

Start date: 06/10/2023 – 06/30/2023

End date: 09/07/2023 – 10/01/2023
ALL students must arrive by 06/30/2023

Employer – Westgate Smoky Mountain Resort, Gatlinburg, Tennessee

Company and Location:
Company – Westgate Smoky Mountain Resort
Location – Gatlinburg, Tennessee

Employers needs: Geder:  any / Country: Any
Level of English required: Excellent
An English interview must be passed
Interview process: Interview with CSB Team
Dress code: TBD. Clean appearance

Housing and Transportation:
Arrival pick-up provided: Yes. Final distribution assigned upon arrival.
Distance to work: 2-6 miles. Basic furnished. Rent is not payroll deducted.1-2 bedrooms, 1-2 bathrooms, bunk beds, 4-6 tenants per room.
Cost/week: $125 per person
Deposit: $300

Arrival pick-up provided
: YES Cost: $0.00
On site transportation: Bike or walking / Other options are available at cost.
Arrival procedures : Students must arrive to Knoxville, Tennessee, between the hours of 9am and 9pm. If student arrives outside of designated pick-up they must book a room/provide their own transport.
This job placement has an additional of $70 added to the placement fee due to the field expenses. The fee includes arrival pick-up, SSN assistance and on site cultural activities during the program.

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